Let's Celebrate Our Nurses - Nurse's Week May 6 - 12, 2017 April 29 2017, 0 Comments

Thanks to the Nurses!

Celebrate Our Nurses
I appreciate the nurses in my life. Some of them have literally helped to save my life. All the nurses who attended to me were courteous, supportive and efficient. They spoke with authority but not with bossiness.

Nurses are people of action. They do what needs to be done in the moment. No easy task since many of them work 12-hour shifts.

I remember when I "passed-out" on an...

10 Ways to Say Thanks to Your Administrative Professional April 13 2017, 0 Comments

Let's Say Thanks to Our Administrative Professionals

10 Ways to Say Thanks to our Administrative Professionals

Who juggles all things at your workplace?  For many of us, it is our Administrative Professional.  It is time to thank those heroes in our workplaces.  They save the day, get us out of a jam, and think about each of us.  Here are some ideas to thank them.

  1. Bring her a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten her day.
  2. Get him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon for his favorite new book.
  3. Take your admin out for a nice lunch.
  4. Give your admin a gift certificate to the movies.
  5. Treat your admin to a box of sinfully delicious candy or cookies.
  6. Buy him a nice key ring for all the keys needed each day.
  7. Find her the perfect handmade lanyard for carrying her id badge.
  8. Treat your admin to a massage at the local spa.
  9. Provide your admin with a certificate that lists compliments from all the associates.
  10. Give your admin some unexpected extra time off of work.

Here at Plum Beadacious, we have lots of choices for a gift for your administrative professional. Browse our items, but remember it is the thought that counts.  The most important thing you can do is sincerely recognize the person your administrative professional is.

Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 26 this year.

The Case of the Missing Keys! March 31 2017, 0 Comments

How many hours have you lost while trying to find your keys? Most of us throw our keys into our purse when we get out of the car.  Then they find their way to the bottom of the black hole. 

But the keys are not the only thing in this black hole.  Coins, lipstick, combs, gum, old tissues, pens, small notebooks, business cards, a wallet, credit card holder, cell phone, and other paraphernalia lurk there as well.  Plus little bits of lint like tiny dust bunnies.

Then we happily go about our business with our purse slung over our arm or shoulder with no thought of the keys. Until it is time to get back in the car.  Yikes!

We dig around with our hands in the bottom of the purse, peering into it with our faces scrunched up trying to see the keys in the black hole. Usually, we are finally successful, but by then we are frazzled and exhausted.  There is always that fear that we lost our keys.

Detective looking in purse for keys


I have tried different ways to see my keys in that black hole by placing shiny baubles on the key ring.  That helps a bit.  But the best thing I have found for keeping track of my keys is a key finder.  These handy accessories are kind of like a hook.  The key finder hangs over the handbag and the top.  You can clearly see the decorative part of the key finder that hangs over the bag on the front.  So you just grab the key finder and pull out your keys.  So easy!

I do have to say that on occasion I have just thrown my keys with the key finder on it back into my purse, and what happens?  It sinks back into the black hole.  So it’s not fool proof.  But if you can develop the habit of placing the key finder over the top of your purse where the zipper or the snap is, then you will make your life much easier.

Be Inspired Key Finder on Purse

Be Inspired Key Finder

See some of the key finders I have decorated.

Be Inspired Key Finder            Butterfly Key Holder

Of course, you can use your purse to hold an adorable kitty!

Kitty sleeping in purse

How do you keep track of your keys?  Let us know your ideas and what works for you.

Flower Power for You! February 26 2017, 0 Comments

For those of you who have followed me for awhile, you probably have noticed how much I like flowers and how much they influence my designs.  I just added 4 new flower badge reels to the shop today.

Take a peek at these and add one to your collection.

yellow rose badge reel

Yellow Rose Badge Reel

purple flower badge reel

Purple Flower Badge Reel

pink carnation badge reel

Pink Carnation Badge Reel

coral flower badge reel

Coral Flower Badge Reel

green carnation badge reel

Green Carnation Badge Reel

Romancing the ID Necklace Again - New Since 2016 January 19 2017, 0 Comments

Pretty ID Necklaces
I wrote a post for this blog about a year ago about romantic id badge lanyards and how much I enjoy creating them.  In that post I shared with you my newest feminine lanyard creations. 

Valentine's Day is Almost Here

As Valentine's Day approaches once again my thoughts turned to feminine romantic jewelry and how I could bring that into our daily work world with beautiful lanyards.  I think I get the most enjoyment when creating something feminine, with flowers, filigree and pretty beads.  

I just listed my newest collection of these beauties. Here they are:

Warm Pink Beaded Lanyard

Warm Pink Beaded ID Badge Lanyard with Antiqued Brass Pendant and Glass Dome Cabochon 

Green Butterfly Beaded Lanyard

Spring Green Butterfly Beaded ID Badge Lanyard with Silver Filigree Pendant and Glass Dome Cabochon

Black and tan chain lanyard

Black and Tan Silver Filigree Chain Lanyard

Blue Rhinestone silver chain lanyard

Blue Rhinestone and Crystal Silver Chain ID Badge Lanyard

Coral Resin Infinity Loop Badge Reel Lanyard

Coral Resin Flower with Infinity Loops - Silver Chain ID Badge Lanyard

All of these lanyards are available in limited quantities.  It would be a good idea for you to make your purchase now.

Making the Leap - Selling Wholesale November 17 2016, 0 Comments

I finally did it!  I jumped into the business of selling some of my items wholesale to retailers.  I've had a number of inquiries lately, and I worked with the buyer from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute - Friend's Corner Gift Shop.  She ordered a selection of double-magnet badge reels to carry in the shop.  She anticipates many of the nurses will buy these.

Wholesale Badge Reel Order

Here are the badge reels the gift shop ordered.

Wholesale order of badge reels

I came up with different packaging for the gift shop.  My normal packaging for retail customers is very pretty but would not work for a display in a shop.  So I came up with a card on which to place the badge reel, held on by the magnetic badge attachment. On the back, I printed the information about neodymium magnets.  This provides warnings for those who should not use magnets and to keep away from children.

These went into plastic bags with a hole punched at the top ready for hanging on a display rack.

Learn more about wholesale orders

Are you interested in purchasing products from Plum Beadacious at a wholesale price?  Do you have a retail store?  Please read my wholesale page and contact me to ask questions.  

Gifts All Bundled Up for You November 05 2016, 0 Comments

Badge Reel Bundle - Plum Beadacious

Can you believe it is gift buying time?  

When I was working in health care I managed a small group of people.  Each year I liked to purchase them a small gift.  Most often I wracked my brains and searched gift stores and online to find something appropriate.  I had both men and women working for me.  One year I gave decorative candles, another I gave handmade bookmarks, and for yet another year I gave personalized ornaments.  I was not making badge reels yet, so I never gifted those to my staff.

In the last several years since I have been selling badge reels, I have had many customers purchase badge reels for the teams they supervise.  Sometimes they buy them for friends and co-workers.  So this year to make it easier for you and a little less expensive, I have come up with a package of your choice of 4 badge reels that you can buy for the cost of 3 badge reels. 

To make this work online I had to create some rules for the purchase.  You must choose the same clip for the back of the badge reels and the same badge reel color for all 4 badge reels.  But for the decoration on the front of the badge reels you have the choice of over 100 designs. 

All you need to do is type in the numbers of each badge reel design you choose into the Add Special Instructions box on the Checkout page.  Every badge reel that qualifies for this offer has a number at the end of the title in the listing.  Here is an example of how it will look.

Special Instructions on Checkout screen - Plum Beadacious

I am excited to provide you with an opportunity to order these gifts for your colleagues.  I hope this is helpful to you as you shop for the holidays.

Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 01 2016, 0 Comments

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Once again I have some new badge reels to wear during this month to show your support for those fighting breast cancer and for the research being done.  Most of us either know someone who has had breast cancer or we ourselves have personally experienced breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness badge reels

10% of all sales of breast cancer awareness badge reels in October 2016

will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

 Read about my breast cancer story.


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Go for the Gold - Autumn Splendor for Badge Reels August 30 2016, 1 Comment

Autumn Splendor in Gold

Here in Colorado the aspen trees are beginning to turn to golden yellow.  It won't be many more weeks and entire mountainsides will glow with rustling golden leaves.  It is one of my favorite things about Colorado.

No matter how glorious nature is, most of us still need to go to work each day and complete those daily activities so needed for all of us to thrive.  Many of you need to wear an id badge.  

Why not go for the gold when you wear your badge reel?  I added five new autumn designs in gold to the badge reel collection.  Check them out and see if any are the right ones for you.

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Six Colors Now Available for Badge Reels July 27 2016, 0 Comments

Make Your Badge Reel Unique for You!

I am excited to now offer badge reels in your choice of six different colors.  Previously each of my designs was created on a badge reel in a complimentary color to the image or button used to decorate it.  This has worked well for many of you.  However, many of the designs will work well on a different color badge reel.

Badge Reel Colors


How to Select a Color

When you find a badge reel you like, click on it.  You will see to the right of the photos two drop down fields.   The first drop down field says Style.  From there you can select what type of clip you want on the back of the badge reel.  Those choices are:

  • Belt Clip
  • Swivel Clip
  • Single Magnet
  • Double Magnets

The second drop down field is Color.  Those choices are:

  • Black
  • Clear
  • White
  • Blue
  • Chrome
  • Gold

Swivel clips are not available for chrome or gold badge reels.

There are a few badge reels only available in one color.  

Reorganized Navigation

For those of you who have visited my online store in the past, you will see that I no longer use the same menu options that I originally started with.  Instead of a collection of Magnetic Badge Reels and another collection of Clip-On Badge Reels, you now will see one collection called Badge Reels - Magnetic and Clip On Styles

Take a look at the badge reels for sale and find one you like.

Be Cool - Wear Shades June 28 2016, 0 Comments

Sunglasses in the sand

National Sunglasses Day -

So true to my nature, I am often lagging behind on the latest news.  I just found out that yesterday, June 27, was National Sunglasses Day.  However, I did just make some new eyeglass holders that will work well for your sunglasses.  So in celebration of National Sunglasses Day, why not select one of our sunglass chains, lanyards or magnetic holders so you can hang onto your sunglasses when you are not wearing them.

Sunglasses on sun


Protect Your Eyes -

It is important that you wear sunglasses when you are outside.  UV rays can damage your eyes.  Cataracts are the most common problem from the eyes being exposed to the sun, but cancer is also a possibility.  My ophthalmologist has told me to wear sunglasses whenever I go outside during the day, all year long.  I do live in a mountain state, and I am about one mile closer to the sun than most flatlanders.  

Peak at My Newest Eyeglass Holders -

Resin flower eyeglass holders

Enjoy these resin flower magnetic eyeglass holders this summer.

Small magnetic eyeglass holders

These pretty magnetic eyeglass holders are petite at 1" in diameter.  Lovely for your sunglasses or reading glasses.

Black cord eyeglass lanyard

This cotton cord eyeglass lanyard is great to wear during the summer.  It is extremely lightweight and easy to wear.  You could use it with a sundress, tank top or any kind of top.  I would not wear it into the water.

Have fun this summer and Keep Your Eyes Safe!

Five New Designs for Summer Inspiration June 14 2016, 0 Comments

5 New Designs for Summer Inspiration

New Summer Designs

Time to think light and airy for summer.  I have added five new designs to the Plum Beadacious product line.  

Artistic Butterfly Purse Hanger

Artist Butterfly Purse HangerI added a new butterfly purse hanger to my collection of purse hangers.  I call this the Artistic Butterfly because this colorful little winged creature is hovering over splotches of color that look like paint.  It's bright and sure to make you smile when you pull it out of your purse to place on that table.  Keep your purse clean and off the floor.

Plum Purple Beaded Lanyard

Plum Purple Beaded LanyardI really like the super smooth rectangular plum purple glass beads that I used in this purple lanyard design.  They contrast nicely with all the beautiful detail in the round silver slider that holds the strands together at the front of the lanyard.  The soft purples, blues and mauve tones will complement many outfits and suggest a cool breeze during the heat of the summer.

Plum Purple Eyeglass Chain

Purple Eyeglass ChainIn keeping with the plum purple beaded lanyard I created a coordinating purple eyeglass chain.  You may wish to wear both of these or just one. Either is beautiful.

Classic Silver and Pearl Lanyard

Silver Chain and Pearl LanyardFor those of you dedicated to wearing classic silver jewelry, try this new silver chain and pearl lanyard.  I designed this to use some lovely silver round bead frames along with the pearls and silver chain. So pretty!

Classic Silver and Pearl Eyeglass Chain

Silver Chain with Pearls Eyeglass ChainThis is another eyeglass chain that coordinates with a lanyard.  It is a simple style that will complement many type of glasses and clothing.

What's Trending in Your Fashion Summer?

Let me know if the comments below if you are wanting a certain type of work accessory or colors of lanyards, eyeglass chains, etc. that I do not have here.  I like to do custom work and to develop new designs for this shop.  

Please contact me about custom orders.



Honor Your Amazing Administrative Professional April 15 2016, 0 Comments

Administrative Professionals are so important to the success of our organizations!
Plum Beadacious
Gift for Administrative Professional

Do you work with an Administrative Professional?

Administrative Professional's Day is April 27, about 2 1/2 weeks from now.  When I worked in a corporate environment the administrative professionals were amazing.  They created inspiring communications, they arranged for meetings, they prepared travel arrangements for those who needed to fly somewhere for a meeting or event, they ordered pizza for the staff, coordinated Christmas parties, bought gifts as needed, and even cleaned up the messes.  The ones I knew were only a handful of these people from corporations throughout the country.

Time to honor your Administrative Professional for all the service she provided during the last year 

Plum Beadacious carries lots of choices that will be lovely and useful for an administrative professional.  Does she need to wear her id badge every day.  Then check out our badge reels and lanyards.

Here are a few of the most popular.

Colorful Kaleidoscipe Badge Reel

Colorful Tree Badge Reel Lanyard

A limited selection of our badge reels and lanyards are on sale for 20% discount.  Those have a blue circle that says SALE in the upper right corner of the item's picture.

For a full list of those items on sale, check out this list


New Design to Carry Your ID Badge at Work February 26 2016, 0 Comments

Badge Reel Lanyards

Versatility is Key -

Do you ever feel the need to change things up a bit?  I do all the time.  But you must wear your id badge to work every single day that you go to work.  How can you spice it up a little?

New Collection - Badge Reel Lanyards

I started a new design collection to share with you called Badge Reel Lanyards. These lanyards are so versatile.  Each one features a beautifully decorated badge reel that has a ring at the top of it and a belt clip on the back of it.  This badge reel attaches to a lanyard by simply hanging the ring on to a lobster clasp on the lanyard.  It's just like hooking the clasp on a bracelet or necklace, but easier because it is right in front of you and not at the back of your neck or sliding around your wrist.  Take at the look of at the back of one of these badge reels.  You can see the lobster clasp attached to the ring at the top.  Then the belt clip is on the back of the badge reel.

Back of lanyard badge reel

Here is the front of one of the badge reels made from a chrome badge reel and a lovely rainbow colored tree under a glass disc.  Can't you just picture yourself wearing a design like this?  It would brighten your day and bring a smile to you and the people you see while you are working.

I have created several designs for the Badge Reel Lanyards collection so far.  I plan to create more using other colors of badge reels and chains, plus some with beaded strands.  I also sell the lanyard badge reels separately.  Then you can interchange badge reels on your chain.

There are many possibilities for these.  Check back often for newest designs.


Romancing the ID Necklace - Really, You Can Wear a Pretty Lanyard! February 10 2016, 0 Comments

Pretty Lanyards 

Romancing the Lanyard - Pretty ID Necklaces

I started creating lanyards several years after I started making jewelry.  I thoroughly enjoy pretty jewelry and I made more than I could wear.  I started selling my jewelry.   But I also had to wear an id badge at work, so I started coming up with ideas to make pretty lanyards.

ID Necklaces

Now I make lanyards and sell them to lots of people via my online store.  The most fun I have making lanyards is creating ones that are beautiful yet functional.  Although it may be too late to get one of these by Valentine's Day, you will find that one of my newest lanyards will add a feminine romantic flair to your workplace wardrobe.  Treat yourself or someone you love with a new addition to a lanyard collection.

UPDATE - 2017 - Not all of the necklaces I show and talk about below are available now.  Check out my new blog post and products, Romancing the ID Necklace Again- New Since 2016.

Antiqued Brass Chain ID Badge Lanyard

Vintage Inspired Lanyards -

The lanyard above has a vintage Victorian feel to it.  The antiqued brass filigree focal point is ornate and pulls together the rest of the design.  Antiqued brass chain, antiqued brass filigree beads, Czech glass flowers, Czech glass faceted fire polished beads, and crystals all conspire to make you feel like you turned back the clock to an earlier time of elegance. Check it out in my shop.

Another new vintage inspired lanyard is pictured below.  It features a large antiqued brass bumble bee along with more of the Czech glass flowers, this time in reds and golds.  The crystals are a gold color.  I liked the idea of putting the flowers in the same piece with the bumble bee.  I found these antiqued brass bees several years ago and could never quite decide how I want to use them in a design.  I like this design, and I hope you do to.  Take a closer look at the bumble bee lanyard in my shop.  It beckons us to think of warmer days and gardens. 

Bumble Bee Lanyard


A Touch of Class - 

The other lanyards I recently added to the collections in my shop are below.  Each one conveys beauty and touch of class.  They can be worn every day or occasionally to dress up your wardrobe.  Click on the photos to go to these lanyards in my shop and take a look at the various photos of them.  I think you will find them pleasing.

Beaded Lanyard - Purple, Clear and Silver


Beaded Lanyard - Creamy Pearl

Beaded Lanyard - Purple Catseye

Beaded Lanyard - Clear and Silver

What Kind of Lanyards Do You Like?

I would love to know what you would like to see in a lanyard for work.  If you wear beaded lanyards, do you have a favorite color?  Do you like vintage inspired, elegant, whimsical, or simple?  Do you like chain lanyards instead?  Please comment below. Your thoughts matter as I continue to design and make more lanyards.




Social Media Scheduling Made Easy November 29 2015, 0 Comments

Grow Your Small Business Using Social Media

Almost all of us know that social media is powerful in reaching multitudes of people and getting your message to your ideal customer.  Yet for those of us with a handmade business, where we design and create our products, photograph our products, and post them online for sale, time management is a constant challenge.

How do you find the time to post your...

How to Make A Unique Custom Photo Glass Cabochon November 11 2015, 0 Comments

As I told you in my last blog post, I want to share how to take any picture you have and edit it to make a photo glass cabochon.

Choose Your Photo

First you need a digital photograph that you would like to use for this project. For the purposes of this tutorial I will use the picture below. I chose this one that was sent to me by a customer because it is way too big and contains more in it than we...

Did You Know I Make Custom Badge Reels? October 21 2015, 0 Comments

Custom Badge Reels from Your Photos

I have been making custom badge reels for customers for about a year now.  These customers send me a photo that I resize, print and place under a photo glass cabochon.  I then place the photo glass cabochon on a badge reel for them.  Here are a some that I made and sold.

Kitty badge reel and dandelion sky badge reel

The two badge reels above were done for a customer.  The cat is a photo that she took of her kitty.  It was larger and showed some of her dog in it. I cropped it and  resized it for the round badge reel.  The dandelion is a photo she sent me to use.  It was much larger so I cropped out some of the dandelion seeds floating into the sky and made it fit the round badge reel.

I also take words that a customer wants on a badge reel, add them to a background we agree on, and then make a badge reel.  Here are a few I have done for a couple of customers.

Sayings on custom badge reels, Be The Change and Believe

Occasionally someone wants a design that can be used by the staff of a small business.  The badge reel below was created using an image of the customer's business logo.  

CVH small business custom logo on badge reel

If you would like a custom badge reel made for you, a friend or your staff, please contact me.  There is a modest design charge plus the normal cost of the badge reel.

For more information regarding how I make the photo glass cabochons that I use on the badge reels, read my tutorial on my blog, Beadaciously Yours.

How to Make a Photo Badge Reel October 20 2015, 0 Comments

Photo Glass Cabochons 

Badge Reels made with photos supplied by my customer
Badge Reels made with photos supplied by my customer

Many of the id badge reels that I sell in my shop are made with photo glass cabochons. These are very popular. A photo glass cabochon is made by placing a photo or graphic design under a glass disc. These are used by many jewelry artisans to make photo glass pendants and earrings. I use them to decorate the top of id badge...

Let's Get Colorful with our Work IDs and Accessories October 16 2015, 0 Comments

New Badge Reels For Fall

These two badge reels are so colorful.  My favorite of the two for fall is the one at the bottom of the above photo. It is a black tree silhouette on a colorful landscape background.  The landscape looks like a sunset with the birds flying across the gold orange sky.  So pretty!

The blue green badge reel just pulls the eye into it.  I really like designs like this because I enjoy looking at all the tiny design elements.  The concentric circles help to identify each area of the design and the colors here are eye candy.

These badge reels are currently listed in the magnetic badge reel collection, but if you prefer a clip on, let me know.  I will be adding them there as well soon. 



New Eyeglass Chains for Fall

I have a thing for turquoise colors.  Both of the eyeglass chains in the first picture above feature shades of turquoise.

The top photo is of simulated turquoise eyeglass holder.  Real turquoise is quite pricey.  This is an economical alternative that you can wear everyday.  I really like the look of turquoise accented with red and then the gold touches in the bead caps.

The second photo above is a one of a kind eyeglass chain.  I had several of the cloisonne beads with the pretty pink flower on them left from a necklace project I made a number of years ago.  I decided they would look lovely in this eyeglass holder.  The blue coordinates with small turquoise blue seed beads and beautiful creamy color seed beads that have a touch of a blush to them.  Take a closer look at this turquoise and cream beaded eyeglass chain.

The last picture above is my newest eyeglass chain.  It is part of my series of woodland owl eyeglass holders.  I have made and sold two different designs in the past using these cute silver owl beads and accenting the glasses holder with some forest green, brown and tan beads for a woodsy feel.  This one is similar and is designed with cherry creek jasper beads, tiny Czech glass beads, crystals, silver bead caps, and neutral seed beads plus the sweet silver owls.  Such a fun earthy and woodsy piece!

Enjoy looking at these new pieces in my shop.  As always, I would love to hear your comments.  Please share them with us below.

Handmade at Amazon - A New Venue to Buy and Sell Handcrafted Items October 12 2015, 0 Comments

handmade at amazon tag
Thursday, October 8,2015 was the big day.  Many serious artisans of handcrafted items were waiting for Amazon to launch their new Handmade at Amazon platform.  Artists applied to be a part of this group of people allowed to sell their wares on Amazon.

There is a lot of hype around this new venue for handmade sellers.  Some of the hype is that this will kill Etsy. Until now Etsy was the biggest...

BOO! Show Your Halloween Spirit October 09 2015, 0 Comments

Do people dress up at work for Halloween?  Do you like to celebrate that day?  Celebrate the occasion this year.  Halloween is on a Saturday this year.  Purchase soon,  so you can get some wear out of these accessories for the rest of this month. Remember they will be useful again next year as well.
See the details about the Halloween lanyards and badge reels that are for sale in the shop.

Be Aware! September 30 2015, 0 Comments

Be Aware - Breast Cancer Awareness

How Aware are You?

Almost everyone is aware of breast cancer, and many of us know someone who has been diagnosed with the disease or may have been diagnosed themselves.

Still there are so many women who do not do a self examination for lumps...

Five Benefits of a Well Made Beaded Lanyard September 26 2015, 0 Comments

 Turquoise Blue Butterfly Beaded Lanyard

I enjoy creating lovely beaded lanyards, and I hope many of you like them as well.  However, a lanyard is not just a decorative item, it is a functional item as well.  It gets hard use every day.

What is the benefit of purchasing a well made beaded lanyard over purchasing a lanyard that looks pretty and may be less expensive? Here are five benefits to choosing the well made and perhaps more...