10 Ways to Say Thanks to Your Administrative Professional April 13 2017, 0 Comments

Let's Say Thanks to Our Administrative Professionals

10 Ways to Say Thanks to our Administrative Professionals

Who juggles all things at your workplace?  For many of us, it is our Administrative Professional.  It is time to thank those heroes in our workplaces.  They save the day, get us out of a jam, and think about each of us.  Here are some ideas to thank them.

  1. Bring her a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten her day.
  2. Get him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon for his favorite new book.
  3. Take your admin out for a nice lunch.
  4. Give your admin a gift certificate to the movies.
  5. Treat your admin to a box of sinfully delicious candy or cookies.
  6. Buy him a nice key ring for all the keys needed each day.
  7. Find her the perfect handmade lanyard for carrying her id badge.
  8. Treat your admin to a massage at the local spa.
  9. Provide your admin with a certificate that lists compliments from all the associates.
  10. Give your admin some unexpected extra time off of work.

Here at Plum Beadacious, we have lots of choices for a gift for your administrative professional. Browse our items, but remember it is the thought that counts.  The most important thing you can do is sincerely recognize the person your administrative professional is.

Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 26 this year.