Honor Your Amazing Administrative Professional

Administrative Professionals are so important to the success of our organizations!
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Gift for Administrative Professional

Do you work with an Administrative Professional?

Administrative Professional's Day is April 27, about 2 1/2 weeks from now.  When I worked in a corporate environment the administrative professionals were amazing.  They created inspiring communications, they arranged for meetings, they prepared travel arrangements for those who needed to fly somewhere for a meeting or event, they ordered pizza for the staff, coordinated Christmas parties, bought gifts as needed, and even cleaned up the messes.  The ones I knew were only a handful of these people from corporations throughout the country.

Time to honor your Administrative Professional for all the service she provided during the last year 

Plum Beadacious carries lots of choices that will be lovely and useful for an administrative professional.  Does she need to wear her id badge every day.  Then check out our badge reels and lanyards.

Here are a few of the most popular.

Colorful Kaleidoscipe Badge Reel

Colorful Tree Badge Reel Lanyard

A limited selection of our badge reels and lanyards are on sale for 20% discount.  Those have a blue circle that says SALE in the upper right corner of the item's picture.

For a full list of those items on sale, check out this list


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