ID Yourself with Style

Are you required to wear an id badge at work? 

It is so important for security and identification in the workplace that we wear a badge or tag that immediately identifies who we are for other employees and for those visiting our place of employment.  I worked at a major hospital system and was required to wear an id badge every day.  This was helpful for us to identify each other and especially helpful for our patients and visitors to identify us as employees who could assist them in some way.

I was issued a flat braided lanyard, and lucky me, mine was white.  White stood out on my clothing far more than I wanted it to.  It was about 1/2" wide.  I really did not like it.  So I decided it was time to make a pretty one for me.  I had been making and selling jewelry for several years.  This was not a difficult task for me to do.  I decided I should make several for myself to coordinate with different outfits.  These drew the attention of my colleagues, and I made lanyards for some of them. On thing led to another, and now I make these and sell to people all over the world.  I still enjoy coming up with new designs.

Here are a few of the newest designs available for purchase right now here at Plum Beadacious.

Purchase here for $32.00Purchase here for $30.00Purchase here for $27.00Purchase here for $27.00




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