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Magnetic Needle Minders

I am adding needlework accessories to my shop.  Today I just listed a group of needle minders.  These clever tools are for anyone who stitches with a needle.  It can be quilting, embroidering, cross stitch, bead weaving, or hemming a dress. 

Have you ever lost your needle when you put it down to go do something else?  Then you come back to your needlework and have to search for your needle.  Even if it is attached to the thread, it could be down the side of the chair or in the folds of your fabric.


Needle minders are designed to help you avoid that frustrating problem.  They work because there is a small magnet that comes with the top piece.  Place the small magnet behind your fabric, and then place the decorated piece on top of your fabric.  You can then place the needle on top of the needle minder and the powerful little magnet will hold the needle in place.


These are magnets, and should not be used around small children who place things in their mouths.  Swallowing one of these magnets would require a trip to the emergency room.  Also, these should not be used around pacemakers or defibrillators.

You can order one of these and have it shipped to you in time for giving for Mother's Day.  Order one today!

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