Flower Inspiration - Raspberry Yellow Peony

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Jewelry Inspired by Flowers

My husband is an avid gardener, and the flowers blooming now provide plentiful inspiration for color in my jewelry.


Last year Bill, my husband found these peonies on sale for $1.00 at a local nursery.  It was late in the season, and he had no idea what color they were.  He thought they would be pink.  Bill has grown peonies for years.  Those he had already are over 30 years old and survived two transplants, the second of which survived a trip in January 2010 from St. Louis, MO where we used to live to Severance, CO where we live now.  Those were blooming last year, but Bill decided he would like to add to the flower bed where he grows the peonies.  So he bought these and planted them last summer.  He fully expected that they would not bloom this year.

Last week we looked out the window and saw some spectacular raspberry and yellow color flowers towering over the garden.  It was such a surprise.  We could not figure out what they were.  We both ran out to the yard to check out the mystery flowers.  Voila!  They were the new peonies in a striking color that neither of us have ever seen before.  They are absolutely gorgeous!


This inspired me to photo them and every other flower type blooming on our property at the time.  I am sure I will be able to make lots of jewelry using the palettes of color that nature has provided in my own yard.

I created a beaded lanyard and an eyeglass chain from the inspiration in the raspberry yellow peony. 

Raspberry Yellow Beaded Lanyard

The central focal bead of this lanyard is a piece taken from an old bracelet that I disassembled.  The square piece appears to be a clear acrylic with raspberry and yellow painted on the back of it. It is very striking. I would not wear the bracelet as it was because for me the pattern of about six of these going around my wrist is too much.  But one of them on a necklace or lanyard is beautiful.  The rest of the piece uses freshwater pearls in raspberry and yellow, raspberry pink Czech glass faceted beads, teeny tiny light green seed beads (about the color of the middle of the flower), pink bicone crystals, tiny gold butterflies, and bright pink and creamy seed beads.


Raspberry Yellow Eyeglass Chain

This piece continues the theme of the lanyard, but there is no large bead.  It is a beautiful delicate strand of the pearls, crystals, seed beads and gold butterflies like those used in the lanyard.


Both of these pieces are available for purchase today.  I will be able to make similar again but not the exact same pieces.


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