Versatile Lanyards and Badge Reels for All Seasons

beaded lanyard badge reel belt loop badge reel black badge reel id badge holders id badge jewelry id badge reel office jewelry silver badge reel silver filigree badge reel slide on badge reel star filigree badge ree versatile lanyard

Did you know that you can wear a badge reel in several ways?  If you have a slide on badge reel made with a belt clip like the one below, you can slide the badge reel onto a lanyard that features a split ring or decorative ring for the id badge.  You can mix it up as you like.

The one below is on our lovely black and silver lanyard that features a beautiful bright silver ring to hold either a badge reel or id badge.


Then of course, if you just want the badge reel, slide it onto a pocket or collar.  Simple and quick.

Plum Beadacious has recently added some more slide on badge reels to our collection.  These are classic silver and black ones.  This is a go to badge reel for any day and any season.



Purchase one of these classic badge reels today.  If you prefer a magnetic clasp, those are also available.  Check out my magnetic badge reel collection.


Let me know what you think of these.  Any ideas for what you would like to add some style to your work day?

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