Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?

chain lanyard Fairy tales I believe in 398.2 magnetic badge reel

Fairy Tales - for Adults as Well as Children

It seems that we see fairy tales popping up on TV and movies a lot.  TV fairy tale shows made for adults premiered in late 2011. Once Upon a Time and Grimm are both still on TV.  Grimm is darker than Once Upon a Time, but the real Grimm fairy tales written back in the early 19th century were not suitable for children and had a dark side to them. I do not watch either of these adult fairy tale shows.

I prefer the Disney versions of fairy tales, and I most fondly remember getting the colorful fairy tale books at the library when I was in grade school.  These were named for colors and edited by Andrew Lang.  Andrew Lang was a Scots poet, novelist and literary critic.  He drew on many cultures from around the world to edit and publish these books of fairy tales. He compiled these stories in the late 1800s. These books are still available through Amazon. 


I Still Believe in 398.2

It seems fitting that we have some buttons that proclaim our love for fairy tales.  The saying "I still believe in 398.2" is now a statement we can find on pendants and buttons.  398.2 is the Dewey decimal system number for the fairy tale section of the library shelves.

Not too long ago, I had a customer contact me asking if I could make a badge reel with "I still believe in 398.2" on it.  That is when I started looking into this saying.  I found quite a few sellers on Etsy who made photoglass cabochon pendants with this saying.  After some perseverance, I found a supplier of photoglass cabochons who sells the photoglass with the saying adhered to it.  It was very nice, and I purchased some and made a badge reel for my customer, and for others since then.


Later I filled an order from a woman purchasing these for each children's librarian in a school district.  What a nice gift for them.  These would be a wonderful Valentine's gift for librarians or any book lover.  Find these badge reels in the shop here.

I decided that this photoglass cabochon could use a little princess magic to transform it to be part of a lovely necklace or id badge lanyard.  So I took one of the photoglass cabochons and adhered it to a decorative pendant tray, created a lovely chain necklace with white glass pearls and silvery gray crystals, and then attached a lanyard hook.  Now you can wear this everyday and remember the charm of fairy tales.


 Are you looking for a little fairy tale magic?  Maybe one of these pieces of jewelry with a reminder of fairy tales will help.

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