Where Do You Put Your Purse at a Restaurant?

bag hanger bag hook purse hanger purse hook

Do you have trouble deciding where to set your purse when you go to a restaurant to eat?  Do you set it on the floor?  Or perhaps you hang it over the back of your chair.  Then again you could place it on an empty chair at the same table or even right on top of the table.

Nothing seems quite right.  You don't want the purse in a place that is easy for someone to grab it and run off with it.  You also don't want it to get dirty or sticky.  I usually place it on the floor by my feet.

Have you ever seen someone pull out a little hook that attaches to the table and hang her handbag from it?  I first saw this several years ago, and thought "How cool is that?".  I finally decided to find a source for these purse hooks so I could make some for this shop.

Here are my first three purse hooks.


Each of these purse hooks store in your purse in a lovely purple velveteen bag that comes with it. 

These purse hooks open up to create a hook.  They then set flat on a table, and you hang your purse under the table.


 Check out each of these today, and choose one to start your collection.  These would make a great gifts as well.




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