Double the Strength! New Improved Design for Magnetic Badge Reels

double magnets improved badge reels magnetic badge reel

I added a new feature to my magnetic badge reels for those who need it.  I now offer the choice of buying the badge reels with double magnets.  This new design adds lots of strength to the holding power of the magnet on heavy clothing.

The photo above shows how well they work and how I make them.  On the left is a picture of the badge reel that has double magnets attached to a heavy sweater holding an id badge pocket containing 3 cards the thickness of a credit card, and holding a key ring with three keys on it.  The double magnets support this weight on a heavy garment, and you can pull the reel to the front, to the side and up and away from yourself without the magnet falling off.

My single magnet badge reels, which I still sell, have a small neodymium magnet in the piece that goes under the garment.  A plain metal disc is attached to the back of the badge reel.  It allows the magnet to adhere to it, but has no intrinsic magnetic power of its own. These work for most of my customers.  It is great for carrying an id badge without keys on a blouse, jacket, light weight sweater or lab coat.

My new double magnet badge reels have an additional neodymium magnet attached to the metal disc on the back of the badge reel. This attracts the magnet on the back piece and forms a much more powerful closure.

When you order one of my magnetic badge reel, you will be prompted to choose either a single magnet or a double magnet.  The double magnet badge reels are a little more expensive than the single magnet ones. 

I want to thank those customers who purchased single magnet badge reels from me and came back to me to tell me that they were not powerful enough for their needs.  Your feedback motivated me to find a way to make magnetic badge reels that are more powerful.

See my full line of magnetic badge reels, and pick one up for you or a friend.  I would love to hear your thoughts on these.






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