What Graduates Are In Your Life This Year?

graduation gift

Graduations inspire me more as I get older.  When I was was in high school and college, they seemed like no big deal to me.  I was not excited to participate in the graduation ceremonies, but the parties were just fine.

Move ahead to the present, and now I am so inspired by those in my life who have worked hard to graduate.  Last year my son received a master's degree.  A number of years earlier my daughter received a master's degree.  Then my niece and my step-daughter received bachelor's degrees this month.  One of my step-grandsons received his degree about two years ago, and my other step-grandson gets his diploma from high school in a few weeks.  I know how hard they all worked to achieve their educations.  Some of them worked full time jobs and attended school as well.  I commend all of them and I am proud of each of them.

Do you have graduates in your life?  I can well imagine that you are proud of their accomplishments.  Some of them may be friends, children of friends, or your own family.  We don't always need to give an expensive gift to graduates, especially those who are not members of our immediate family.

It is the thought that counts.  If you are still looking for a graduation give for someone that you want to recognize for their accomplishments, consider giving them a decorative badge reel or id badge lanyard.  Most likely it will be needed. A handmade id badge holder will be distinctive and personal.


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