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I am so happy with my new section in the shop.  I finally figured out how to get all of my sold handmade goodies into one area in a gallery of sold items.  This is important because I often had to hide these sold lanyards, badge reels, and eyeglass chains from you because I could no longer make one for you.  The other option was to label them sold out and leave them with all the active products, but as I sold more and more, that became quite annoying for you and me when I would look at a product collection only to see that many of the items were sold out.
I did not want to hide these beauties from everyone, because they do help you to know what others have purchased and to see what types of things I can create.  Please browse this section of my shop for ideas.  If you find something you would like, contact me.  We can chat about what you need.  Often I can create something similar just for you.  My custom work is not necessarily more expensive than those pieces for sale in my shop.

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