Whirls and Swirls - It's Psychedelic!

psychedelic badge reels

I brought back some of the psychedelic swirl badge reels I sold in the past.  In addition, I added one new design and plan to add more to this section of badge reels.

Here is what I have available in the shop.

This is the newest psychedelic badge reel design above.  It reminds me of the ocean surf or perhaps whipped cream.  These are made by me from graphic designs that I print and place under photo glass, and then adhere to the badge reel.  This one is dropped into a lightweight pendant tray and then adhered to the badge reel.  


The pretty design above is cheerful in yellow and blue on a clear badge reel.


See the fiery glow in the above badge reel.  Lots of color here. 


This one is for all you purple lovers.  Enjoy!

Shop Now for one of these badge reels.  I can make them as clip on badge reels as well.  Just let me know if you prefer that.


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