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I like to follow lifestyle blogs and read several each day.  I have come up with a list of my favorite lifestyle blogs that inspire and entertain me. So...

What is a lifestyle blog?

Lifestyle blogs speak to a variety of topics.  Lifestyle blogs can vary considerably from one another.  Most of them have a slant towards one favorite topic.  The good ones each have a unique feel, and they all reach an audience suited to their content.
This blog, Plum Beadacious, is a lifestyle blog with a heavy slant towards making and selling jewelry.  Niche blogs differ from  lifestyle blogs in that they focus on one type of topic and rarely if ever go outside of that area.  For example, Beading Daily is a website that blogs about beading of all types. It sticks to beading, and may also talk some about selling handmade jewelry or beads. It is a wonderful resource for people who work with beads, but not so much if you want to find out about decorating your home. Beading Daily is a niche blog.
You will see below in the footer of my blog, middle column, that I list each of the lifestyle blogs that I really like.  I follow some of them on Blog Lovin or by email.

My Top 5 Lifestyle Blogs

A Beautiful Mess -

This wonderful blog is large and full of lots of goodies.  They talk about diy projects, food, photography, fashion and other things.  You could get totally absorbed here and lose all track of time.
Wherever you land on this blog, if the post is about creating a DIY project, you can be assured to receive thorough instructions with lots of photos. Here is today's most recent post.  Yes they post more than once a day.
Wood and Leather Magazine Holder - DIY

The Pioneer Woman -

This is another large lifestyle blog that I truly enjoy.  Ree is the woman behind this multifaceted blog.  She has a wonderful sense of humor.  Her whole life is vastly different from mine, but there is just enough in common for me to really like reading her posts.  She lives in the country; she cooks and she home schools.  She also has her own TV show.  She talks about her husband,  Marlboro Man, and the ranching operations.  
Here is one of her posts from today where she makes Italian Cream Cupcakes - YUM!
Italian Cream Cupcakes - The Pioneer Woman

Katie Crafts -

I discovered Katie Crafts a month or so ago, and I subscribe to it.  This is not a mega blog like the other two I talked about above.  It is a fun lifestyle blog with lots of different things.  Katie Crafts sometimes features Etsy artist shops. She also has recipes. I tried one of the recipes that her husband came up with called  Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu.  It was really good.
Here is one of her posts from today about blue fingernails.  I would not do this to my finger nails, but it is really cute for someone younger than me.
Nail Art: Feelin' Blue at Katie Craft


This is a lifestyle blog that I discovered through a blog link party.  There are a lot of "mommy" blogs around, and most of them are not my cup of tea at this point in my life.  This blog had a good article on blogging that caused me to pause and read.  From there I went on to subscribe to this lady's blog.  She does do "mommy" posts and a variety of other things.

Today Nicole talks about her new curtains which are very sweet and pretty.
Pretty Curtains - Momfever

Everything Etsy -

Last for my top 5, but not least is Everything Etsy.  This has been a favorite of mine for a number of years.  Kim shares lots of creative ideas here and is helpful to those of us with Etsy shops.  She and her husband Tim just started a group called Handmade Tickle that I joined.  It is a group that talks together on forums and also teaches more about blogging specifically for handmade creatives.

Here is one of Kim's headlines for a post about Etsy.
15 Great Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop - Everything Etsy
I hope you will be able to visit these blogs and poke around to see what you like.  Do you have any favorite lifestyle blogs?  Please share those with us in the comments.  I like to read different blogs, and I am sure other readers would like to do so as well.

Next, I will be talking about my favorite business blogs.

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