Romancing the ID Necklace - Really, You Can Wear a Pretty Lanyard!

pretty id necklaces

Pretty Lanyards 

Romancing the Lanyard - Pretty ID Necklaces

I started creating lanyards several years after I started making jewelry.  I thoroughly enjoy pretty jewelry and I made more than I could wear.  I started selling my jewelry.   But I also had to wear an id badge at work, so I started coming up with ideas to make pretty lanyards.

ID Necklaces

Now I make lanyards and sell them to lots of people via my online store.  The most fun I have making lanyards is creating ones that are beautiful yet functional.  Although it may be too late to get one of these by Valentine's Day, you will find that one of my newest lanyards will add a feminine romantic flair to your workplace wardrobe.  Treat yourself or someone you love with a new addition to a lanyard collection.

UPDATE - 2017 - Not all of the necklaces I show and talk about below are available now.  Check out my new blog post and products, Romancing the ID Necklace Again- New Since 2016.

Antiqued Brass Chain ID Badge Lanyard

Vintage Inspired Lanyards -

The lanyard above has a vintage Victorian feel to it.  The antiqued brass filigree focal point is ornate and pulls together the rest of the design.  Antiqued brass chain, antiqued brass filigree beads, Czech glass flowers, Czech glass faceted fire polished beads, and crystals all conspire to make you feel like you turned back the clock to an earlier time of elegance. Check it out in my shop.

Another new vintage inspired lanyard is pictured below.  It features a large antiqued brass bumble bee along with more of the Czech glass flowers, this time in reds and golds.  The crystals are a gold color.  I liked the idea of putting the flowers in the same piece with the bumble bee.  I found these antiqued brass bees several years ago and could never quite decide how I want to use them in a design.  I like this design, and I hope you do to.  Take a closer look at the bumble bee lanyard in my shop.  It beckons us to think of warmer days and gardens. 

Bumble Bee Lanyard


A Touch of Class - 

The other lanyards I recently added to the collections in my shop are below.  Each one conveys beauty and touch of class.  They can be worn every day or occasionally to dress up your wardrobe.  Click on the photos to go to these lanyards in my shop and take a look at the various photos of them.  I think you will find them pleasing.

Beaded Lanyard - Purple, Clear and Silver


Beaded Lanyard - Creamy Pearl

Beaded Lanyard - Purple Catseye

Beaded Lanyard - Clear and Silver

What Kind of Lanyards Do You Like?

I would love to know what you would like to see in a lanyard for work.  If you wear beaded lanyards, do you have a favorite color?  Do you like vintage inspired, elegant, whimsical, or simple?  Do you like chain lanyards instead?  Please comment below. Your thoughts matter as I continue to design and make more lanyards.




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