New Design to Carry Your ID Badge at Work

Badge Reel Lanyards

Badge Reel Lanyards

Versatility is Key -

Do you ever feel the need to change things up a bit?  I do all the time.  But you must wear your id badge to work every single day that you go to work.  How can you spice it up a little?

New Collection - Badge Reel Lanyards

I started a new design collection to share with you called Badge Reel Lanyards. These lanyards are so versatile.  Each one features a beautifully decorated badge reel that has a ring at the top of it and a belt clip on the back of it.  This badge reel attaches to a lanyard by simply hanging the ring on to a lobster clasp on the lanyard.  It's just like hooking the clasp on a bracelet or necklace, but easier because it is right in front of you and not at the back of your neck or sliding around your wrist.  Take at the look of at the back of one of these badge reels.  You can see the lobster clasp attached to the ring at the top.  Then the belt clip is on the back of the badge reel.

Back of lanyard badge reel

Here is the front of one of the badge reels made from a chrome badge reel and a lovely rainbow colored tree under a glass disc.  Can't you just picture yourself wearing a design like this?  It would brighten your day and bring a smile to you and the people you see while you are working.

I have created several designs for the Badge Reel Lanyards collection so far.  I plan to create more using other colors of badge reels and chains, plus some with beaded strands.  I also sell the lanyard badge reels separately.  Then you can interchange badge reels on your chain.

There are many possibilities for these.  Check back often for newest designs.


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