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National Sunglasses Day -

So true to my nature, I am often lagging behind on the latest news.  I just found out that yesterday, June 27, was National Sunglasses Day.  However, I did just make some new eyeglass holders that will work well for your sunglasses.  So in celebration of National Sunglasses Day, why not select one of our sunglass chains, lanyards or magnetic holders so you can hang onto your sunglasses when you are not wearing them.

Sunglasses on sun


Protect Your Eyes -

It is important that you wear sunglasses when you are outside.  UV rays can damage your eyes.  Cataracts are the most common problem from the eyes being exposed to the sun, but cancer is also a possibility.  My ophthalmologist has told me to wear sunglasses whenever I go outside during the day, all year long.  I do live in a mountain state, and I am about one mile closer to the sun than most flatlanders.  

Peak at My Newest Eyeglass Holders -

Resin flower eyeglass holders

Enjoy these resin flower magnetic eyeglass holders this summer.

Small magnetic eyeglass holders

These pretty magnetic eyeglass holders are petite at 1" in diameter.  Lovely for your sunglasses or reading glasses.

Black cord eyeglass lanyard

This cotton cord eyeglass lanyard is great to wear during the summer.  It is extremely lightweight and easy to wear.  You could use it with a sundress, tank top or any kind of top.  I would not wear it into the water.

Have fun this summer and Keep Your Eyes Safe!

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