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Tina and Mick are a husband and wife team who create marvelous high quality vinyl graphics available at Off the Wall Expressions on Etsy.  They are also members of BESTeam on Etsy. I never thought about using vinyl graphics for such a variety of things in my home.  These are truly beautiful.

Vinyl is such an easy but stylish way to decorate many surfaces.  These decorations will stick to a large variety of surfaces such as walls, floors, windows, refrigerators, bathtubs, and many more.  The vinyl decorations will inspire your imagination, and you will find the perfect place for one of these.

Here are some of my favorites from Off the Wall Expressions.
This cherry blossom branch makes a graceful design on the wall.  No need for a large sofa picture.

Why mess up your wall with pencil markings recording a child's height?  Use this handy-dandy vinyl graphic and measure away!

Words of wisdom!  Be inspired and guided to live well and with grace.

The first time I saw this statement, it stopped me in my tracks.  This is one of my all time favorite sayings, and it is beautifully displayed on this vinyl graphic.  I really like the use of different fonts to emphasize the most important words.

Off the Wall Expressions blog is another delightful place to visit.  You can just relax and read Tina's posts and comments.  Visit Tina on Twitter also.

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