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A collection of my decorative boxes

Decorative boxes capture my attention.

One type of decorative box that I really enjoy collecting is the paper ones in all shapes and sizes.   I find these at a variety of places.  My favorite places to find them are at antique malls, flea markets and garage sales.  Surprisingly, I have found many of these in perfect shape for rock bottom prices.  Sometimes I pay 25 cents, and sometimes $2.00.  New decorative boxes are also wonderful, and I sometimes buy them at gift shops. Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Michael's also carry beautiful decorative boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Here are photos of my paper decorative box collection.
These decorative boxes are displayed on the window seat in my bedroom.  I never sit in my window seat, so I use it to display some of my larger decorative boxes. 

  I love the blue and green color combo.  These are nesting boxes.  The small ones fit into the next bigger size until it looks like one large box.  I like to stack nesting boxes for the full effect of the patterns on them.
Blue and green nesting decorative boxes

This elegant soft green box with a black silhouette of a lady also sits on my window seat.  I found her at an antique mall in Fort Collins.  Tres Chic!

Tres Chic - silhouette of a lady and her dog on decorative paper box

 This decorative box features lovely hyacinths on a large square box.  It was one of the first decorative paper boxes I bought at a gift shop in Nashville, Indiana.  Nashville is one of my favorite places to spend a day, but it is no longer close enough to my home to go there on any regular basis.  I have used this for years now to store cute greeting cards that I use when giving gifts and sending out notes to people.

Beautiful hyacinths grace my decorative box for my greeting cards

The rest of my decorative paper boxes are used throughout my home.  Some contain things, and others are used purely for display. Enjoy looking at these and more on my Pinterest site.

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