Eyeglass Leashes are a Solution for your Reading Glasses

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Where are my glasses?

If you wear eyeglasses, you want to be able to lay your hands on them at any time. It is not fun to squint at a book to read it, to wrinkle up your nose with the needle and thread mere inches from your eyes trying to thread the needle, or to use a magnifying glass to see the important fine print on a medicine bottle. For those of you who have reading glasses that you take on and off all day, consider using an eyeglass leash to keep them with you at all times.

I wear my Walgreen’s reading glasses quite often when I work on my beading projects. Wires and beads can be tiny. It is quite frustrating to try to place a wire through a seed bead just to miss the hole. No matter if you have drug store reading glasses or fine spectacles from the eye center, they deserve a place of honor to hang on an eyeglass leash.

How Eyeglass Leashes are Put Together

Eyeglass leashes are a simple design consisting of a piece of beading wire, an assortment of beads, eyeglass holders, and crimps.  Eyeglass holders are not very glamorous, but they come in a variety of styles.  Some are a rubberized loop with metal around the middle.  One end of the loop is attached to the eyeglass leash, and the other attaches to the glasses frame at the temples.
Another style of eyeglass holders is a round corrugated metal ball with a tiny metal loop and a small cord loop at the opposite end.  The metal loop attaches to the eyeglass leash, and the small cord loop attaches to the glasses frame at the temples.

Here are some photos of eyeglass leashes I made.

If you would like a custom eyeglass lease, please contact me.  I would be happy to design something for you.
If you have made an eyeglass leash, send me a photo of it.  I will post it on my blog.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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