Gifts All Bundled Up for You November 05 2016, 0 Comments

Badge Reel Bundle - Plum Beadacious

Can you believe it is gift buying time?  

When I was working in health care I managed a small group of people.  Each year I liked to purchase them a small gift.  Most often I wracked my brains and searched gift stores and online to find something appropriate.  I had both men and women working for me.  One year I gave decorative candles, another I gave handmade bookmarks, and for yet another year I gave personalized ornaments.  I was not making badge reels yet, so I never gifted those to my staff.

In the last several years since I have been selling badge reels, I have had many customers purchase badge reels for the teams they supervise.  Sometimes they buy them for friends and co-workers.  So this year to make it easier for you and a little less expensive, I have come up with a package of your choice of 4 badge reels that you can buy for the cost of 3 badge reels. 

To make this work online I had to create some rules for the purchase.  You must choose the same clip for the back of the badge reels and the same badge reel color for all 4 badge reels.  But for the decoration on the front of the badge reels you have the choice of over 100 designs. 

All you need to do is type in the numbers of each badge reel design you choose into the Add Special Instructions box on the Checkout page.  Every badge reel that qualifies for this offer has a number at the end of the title in the listing.  Here is an example of how it will look.

Special Instructions on Checkout screen - Plum Beadacious

I am excited to provide you with an opportunity to order these gifts for your colleagues.  I hope this is helpful to you as you shop for the holidays.