I Can See Clearly Now

Czech glass Etsy eyes flower beads leallyson spring jewelry

Today was my day to go to my opthamologist for a thorough eye exam. Of course, I had my eyes dilated and also had my peripheral vision tested by doing a visual fields test. This left me blurry eyed and squinty as I left the doctor's office in the late afternoon. Somehow with the help of sunglasses I made my way home, thankfully a short distance down the road. My vision is finally returning to normal, enough to put a couple more of my jewelry creations out on my Etsy shop, LeAllyson's Creations. These items are bright and lively. When I placed them under my lights to photo them tonight, they about knocked my eyes out. (The result of dilated eyes.) Actually they are a gorgeous combo of orange and green, bright but not glaring, and are perfect for the upcoming spring.

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