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As the holidays approach many of us begin to think more about family and friends who live far from us.  I find that I think of experiences I had in the past with these treasured people, and wonder how they are doing.  Of course, I can hop on Facebook or Twitter and see if I can find one quick glimpse into their lives.  Technology has changed how we communicate.

But with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I get nostalgic.  I think of dinners together, cozy fires in the fireplace, playing games around a table.  Technology seems at odds with that.  One of our honored traditions is to reach out across the miles with a note card.

I found some delightful note cards recently sold by a delightful seller on Etsy.  The shop is Firegems 2010.  Heidi Erb is the creator of these wonderful note cards.  Heidi is a single mom who takes lovely photos and makes them into note cards.  She also raises Golden Retrievers.  Look at this cutie.

Heidi enjoys nature photography as stated in her own words at her Etsy shop:

"Take your time while you are strolling through my photographs. Imagine yourself watching a beautiful sunset, or hearing the waves come to shore, the leaves crunching under your feet or the sounds of nature all around. Gaze upon the beauty of a flower or see the details on a building and so much more. "

Here is one of her more spectacular nature photos.  This is her Fire in the Sky Landscape Print.  Heidi also sells her prints.  This one is an 8x10.  You can also get this photo as note cards.

Of course, as I was saying earlier, the holidays remind us to reach out to our family and friends across the miles.  Heidi has a number of choices with a holiday theme.  These penquins are cute.

Check out all of Heidi's goodies at her Etsy shop, Firegems 2010.  Then get to know her a little better by visiting her on Facebook at Firegems 2010 Creative Escape.

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