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Have you heard of Polyvore?

I have seen that word in different places on the internet, and silly me, I thought Polyvore was some sort of fabric or material like polyester.  I was so wrong about that.  Polyvore is a site on the internet that allows its viewers to create fabulous collages of items they like and want to share with the world.

Is this another Pinterest?

Polyvore reminds me of Pinterest, but it really is quite different.  I found the collage photo below on a board on Pinterest today.  When I saw it, it was in a board called Polyvore, I decided to find out what Polyvore is.

How can I use Polyvore?

I signed up for a Polyvore account today.  I now have the ability to create a collage.  A member of Polyvore can select items from Polyvore's vast selection of products that include fashion and home goods to create a collage.  You can share things from Polyvore on Pinterest.
The other exciting feature I found is the opportunity to add whatever item I would like from the internet to a collage that I make on Polyvore.  So I gave it a whirl and created the collage below that includes one of my magnetic id badge reels.  It is not as rich with things as the one pictured above, but I am pretty pleased for my first attempt.  You should try it on Polyvore.

Etsy Sellers - What an Opportunity

I am always trying to think of ways to promote my products.  I see wonderful possibilities with using Polyvore.  You can link your collages to Facebook as soon as you make them.  They have a button you can use to do that. Also, when you are looking at the collage on Polyvore, you can click on an item.  That item then appears on the screen with the price and a link to the website for a person to buy it.  Here is how my badge reel displays when I do that.
Have you ever used Polyvore?  I would love to hear what experience you have with it and any tips you might have to use it. Please add to the comments to tell us more about it.

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