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Connie Haskell refers to herself as the "Queen of Redeem" in her profile of her Etsy shop, Redemption Art.  Connie specializes in recycling, upcycling and redeeming especially items with a Hawaiian theme or history.  Connie is located in Hawaii, and much of what she does reflects the Hawaiian spirit and culture.

Enjoy this cookbook which provides Hawaaian recipes gathered together.  It was published as a band booster for Kalani High School and includes many Hawaiian dishes.

This beautiful red Hawaaian hula newborn outfit is enchanting.  The rich red contrasts with the white flowers for a beautiful set.

Another lovely vintage piece is this Hula Apples Product Label.  It brings back an earlier era.

Connie and others join together for fun and to promote one another's Etsy shop through the BESTeam, and Etsy team of sellers and bloggers.  If you like to blog, sell and create, please join us at BESTeam on Etsy

You can read more about Connie and other crafter at her blog.

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