Romancing the ID Necklace Again - New Since 2016

Pretty ID Necklaces
I wrote a post for this blog about a year ago about romantic id badge lanyards and how much I enjoy creating them.  In that post I shared with you my newest feminine lanyard creations. 

Valentine's Day is Almost Here

As Valentine's Day approaches once again my thoughts turned to feminine romantic jewelry and how I could bring that into our daily work world with beautiful lanyards.  I think I get the most enjoyment when creating something feminine, with flowers, filigree and pretty beads.  

I just listed my newest collection of these beauties. Here they are:

Warm Pink Beaded Lanyard

Warm Pink Beaded ID Badge Lanyard with Antiqued Brass Pendant and Glass Dome Cabochon 

Green Butterfly Beaded Lanyard

Spring Green Butterfly Beaded ID Badge Lanyard with Silver Filigree Pendant and Glass Dome Cabochon

Black and tan chain lanyard

Black and Tan Silver Filigree Chain Lanyard

Blue Rhinestone silver chain lanyard

Blue Rhinestone and Crystal Silver Chain ID Badge Lanyard

Coral Resin Infinity Loop Badge Reel Lanyard

Coral Resin Flower with Infinity Loops - Silver Chain ID Badge Lanyard

All of these lanyards are available in limited quantities.  It would be a good idea for you to make your purchase now.

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