Six Colors Now Available for Badge Reels

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Make Your Badge Reel Unique for You!

I am excited to now offer badge reels in your choice of six different colors.  Previously each of my designs was created on a badge reel in a complimentary color to the image or button used to decorate it.  This has worked well for many of you.  However, many of the designs will work well on a different color badge reel.

Badge Reel Colors


How to Select a Color

When you find a badge reel you like, click on it.  You will see to the right of the photos two drop down fields.   The first drop down field says Style.  From there you can select what type of clip you want on the back of the badge reel.  Those choices are:

  • Belt Clip
  • Swivel Clip
  • Single Magnet
  • Double Magnets

The second drop down field is Color.  Those choices are:

  • Black
  • Clear
  • White
  • Blue
  • Chrome
  • Gold

Swivel clips are not available for chrome or gold badge reels.

There are a few badge reels only available in one color.  

Reorganized Navigation

For those of you who have visited my online store in the past, you will see that I no longer use the same menu options that I originally started with.  Instead of a collection of Magnetic Badge Reels and another collection of Clip-On Badge Reels, you now will see one collection called Badge Reels - Magnetic and Clip On Styles

Take a look at the badge reels for sale and find one you like.

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