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Orange Energy - Return from the Blogless

etsy treasury jewelry orange

I have been away from this blog for far too long.  It's a beautiful Sunday morning over a long weekend, and I am ready to share again on this blog.

Orange is an exciting, energizing, refreshing color. Madlena Gochevacreated this beautiful Etsy treasury to wake us up on this Sunday morning. She features all kinds of lovely orange items from a fine art painting of orange poppies that just glow to a...

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Mistakes Can Be Your Friend

beads creativity Inspiration jewelry Lord mistakes persistance success talent

"The man who makes no mistakes does not normally make anything."
   - Edward John Phelps - January 24,1899

Oh gee! How many mistakes have I made?  Countless mistakes.

One of the biggest deterrents to taking up a new hobby or activity is the fear of failure.  Years ago I thought I had no artistic ability.  Why did I think that?

My father could draw very well. He had been a commercial artist for awhile...

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Copper Glow - Summer to Fall

copper pendant earrings handmade accessories jewelry market jewelry necklace seasonal sell jewelry

Most of us are looking for accessories that we can wear for multiple occasions and across the seasons. I am so pleased with this necklace and earring set. The copper is great with clothes in summery yellows, oranges, pinks and reds. Then the copper is equally good for fall browns, golds, rust and plum colors. It all hinges on these warm glowing shimmery square Czech glass beads. These are square...

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Fasten Your Shawl with a Brooch Pin!

brooch handmade jewelry pink scarf shawl

I have been making some brooch pins that can be used to fasten shawls or scarves, or perhaps worn as a decorative accessory on a coat or jacket. I was inspired by a scarf pin in the December 2008 edition of Simply Beads. After searching online for awhile, I found a source for the pins and bought some in silver plate and some in gold plate. It is fun and easy to place about 2 1/2" of beads on the...

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Stylin' As We Work

badge beads handmade handmade accessories id jewelry key ring lanyards

As school is started and vacations are over, we all start thinking about supplies and needs to make our everyday work a bit easier and more convenient. Many of us, including myself, are required to wear or carry an ID badge to work or school. These have absolutely no style or fashion sense at all, and are a necessary item in today's world. Many crafters make beaded ID badge holders to wear around...

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