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Featured Artist - Turquoise Angels

BESTeam flip-flops girls accessories girls clothing plumbeadacious turquoise angels tutus

It is difficult to know what to look at first when you visit our featured artists' Etsy shop, Turquoise Angels.  The artists who create all the wonderful designs at Turquoise Angels are a mother daughter team.  They are members of the BESTeam-Boosting Etsy Shop Team on Etsy,  a group of Etsians who promote one another, encourage one another, and teach one another.

Take a look at some of Turquoise...

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Charming Brass Filigree Flower Necklace

blue brass brass filigree catseye flower beads goldplate chain green handmade necklace plumbeadacious

This was another fun project for me. I purchased several of these charming brass filigree flowersand as usual had no idea how I would use them. I just thought they were delightful! So once my creative juices got in gear, I decided flower upon flower would be a great idea. So I took a brass headpin and placed a small blue catseye bead and a green Czech glass flower on it. Green and blue color...

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Garden of Jewelry

beaded earings catching fireflies flower earrings fun earrings garden jewelry handmade jewelry display jewelry holder plumbeadacious whimsical

I found the cutest things on another blog. The blog is called Catching Fireflies. The writer makes all kinds of whimsical handcrafted items. She is featuring jewelry holders for bracelets and earrings with a whimsical garden theme. I must confess I just ordered a couple of them from their online site. Check them out. They are delightful!
Now, what can I hang on these jewelry holder? Hmm, how...

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Tax Time ~ My Head Hurts

beads craft business inventory plumbeadacious Small Business tax

This is my first year to file income tax on my business, Plum Beadacious. My tiny business that provides so much enjoyment has become quite the headache for my husband and me. Thank goodness my husband used to work for H&R Block part time several years ago. He is quite good at doing our taxes with the help of Turbo Tax sofware.

However, he can't do the work without the figures. I have learned...

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