The Case of the Missing Keys!

Key Finder Purse Accessory

How many hours have you lost while trying to find your keys? Most of us throw our keys into our purse when we get out of the car.  Then they find their way to the bottom of the black hole. 

But the keys are not the only thing in this black hole.  Coins, lipstick, combs, gum, old tissues, pens, small notebooks, business cards, a wallet, credit card holder, cell phone, and other paraphernalia lurk there as well.  Plus little bits of lint like tiny dust bunnies.

Then we happily go about our business with our purse slung over our arm or shoulder with no thought of the keys. Until it is time to get back in the car.  Yikes!

We dig around with our hands in the bottom of the purse, peering into it with our faces scrunched up trying to see the keys in the black hole. Usually, we are finally successful, but by then we are frazzled and exhausted.  There is always that fear that we lost our keys.

Detective looking in purse for keys


I have tried different ways to see my keys in that black hole by placing shiny baubles on the key ring.  That helps a bit.  But the best thing I have found for keeping track of my keys is a key finder.  These handy accessories are kind of like a hook.  The key finder hangs over the handbag and the top.  You can clearly see the decorative part of the key finder that hangs over the bag on the front.  So you just grab the key finder and pull out your keys.  So easy!

I do have to say that on occasion I have just thrown my keys with the key finder on it back into my purse, and what happens?  It sinks back into the black hole.  So it’s not fool proof.  But if you can develop the habit of placing the key finder over the top of your purse where the zipper or the snap is, then you will make your life much easier.

Be Inspired Key Finder on Purse

Be Inspired Key Finder

See some of the key finders I have decorated.

Be Inspired Key Finder            Butterfly Key Holder

Of course, you can use your purse to hold an adorable kitty!

Kitty sleeping in purse

How do you keep track of your keys?  Let us know your ideas and what works for you.

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