Etsy Shops Directory

Etsy handcrafted jewelry shopping shops

I joined the Etsy Shops Directory. What a fun place to browse and shop. Lots of people revew each others shops. Have a look at it. See my link lower right. Look for me under the Jewelry section. You can select the shop you want if you know the name. Just click on the letter of the alphabet for your shop. Mine is L.

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Fashion Trend Purple

beads earrings fashion lifestyle purple valentine

After I wrote on Wednesday about the color purple, I could hardly believe it when I looked at the lifestyle section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this morning and saw on the cover of that section that all shades of purple are the new fashion and home decorating colors. I guess I am now riding the wave. HOORAY!

So in honor of Valentine's day which is fast approaching, take a look at my purple...

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Lavender Sparkle

beading beads bracelet Czech glass earrings jewelry lavendar purple silver Swarovski crystal

I like the color purple and its many variations. Have you ever noticed how some people kind of giggle or snicker when you say you like purple? I am not sure why. I think the color has gotten a bad rap. I painted a bedroom a beautiful shade of violet several years ago, and I still like it. (I should say my husband painted the bedroom. I just did a tiny amount of trim.) I have a plum colored shirt,...

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New Beginnings for a New Year


Happy New Year! What better day to start a new blog than the very first day of a promising year. I am LeAllyson, and I will share my experiences and ideas about handcrafted jewelry, marketing my craft, beads, and whatever else finds its way to these pages.

It started in 2004. My daughter had come home to visit me, and during her stay she introduced me to making beaded jewelry. We headed for a...

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