Key Rings, Key Finders

A Place for Your Keys 

Decorative Badge Reel Key Rings

Easily pull out your keys to open the door. These badge reels have a split ring attached on which you can hang the keys you need each day.  They also have a belt clip so you can hang this on your pants belt loop or pocket.  It also hangs on a jacket pocket or lapel.

Decorative Purse Key Holders

Don't spend time searching for your keys at the bottom of your purse.  Select one of these purse key holders.  The small round decorative design is at the end of a curved metal piece that allows you to hang it over the side of your purse, and the keys attach to the lanyard clasp at the bottom of the key holder in your purse.  When you need the keys, just take the pretty decorative piece off the side of your purse, and the keys are right there.  Handy Dandy!