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Workplace Fashion IDs Just For You

I believe you should look terrific every day, and that includes the time you are working at your job. Are you required to wear an id badge on your job?  If so, then you should look at my lanyards and badge reels that offer you a means to wear the id badge in an attractive and stylish way.


Why Did I Start Creating Workplace Fashion IDs?

LeAllyson MeyerI am LeAllyson Meyer, creator, designer, and owner of Plum Beadacious. In the fall of 2010, I began creating id badge lanyards and later added badge reels to my shop. I knew these solved a problem for me personally.  I was working at a big health system and needed to wear an id badge every day.  For me, my employer required me to wear this above the waist so patients could see who I am.  In addition, I was required to swipe my badge at various doorways in order to secure access to different areas of the hospitals and offices I served.  All of that makes perfect sense.

 When I first started working at the health system, they provided me with a web cloth lanyard.  To make matters worse, it was bright white!  Yuck!  It totally stood out from my clothing in the wrong way.  Since I already designed and created jewelry, it was a quick fix for me to make some lanyards for myself.

It wasn't long before my colleagues were asking me about my lanyards, and I starting making lanyards for some of them. At that point, I began marketing them on my Etsy shop.  I was selling my jewelry on Etsy, but the lanyards were a hit, and I started specializing in lanyards.  Later I started making decorative badge reels and then magnetic decorative badge reels.  I began this website to market my products in February 2014.

These lanyards and badge reels have been very popular with those of you who work in a position or at an organization that requires you to wear an identification badge while you are at work.  These make wonderful gifts for nurses, teachers, students, and office staff.


A Bit of Trivia – Why I selected the name Plum Beadacious!

Plum = extremely desirable

Bodacious = remarkable, outstanding


When brainstorming for a name, I thought of Plum Bodacious. These words convey the excellence and desirability of the jewelry I want to create. So I gave it a twist and came up with Plum Beadacious!

My Home Studio

God has blessed me with the opportunity to work in my own jewelry studio in my home.  My studio is comfy and the large western window lets in lots of Colorado sunshine and provides a nice view of the Rocky Mountain peaks.  From this place, I can dream of new designs, talk to you about your ideas for custom designs, and create and construct lovely id badge lanyards and id badge reels.

My Assistants

My Assistant, Shipper, and Chief Cook and Bottlewasher ~ This is Bill, my wonderful husband.  He is very supportive of my business and assists me in many ways.  He prepares buttons by cutting off the shanks, cuts chain for the lanyards, and makes daily runs to the post office.  Plus he prepares dinners, takes care of many cleaning chores, and makes life good for me.

Bill - Assistant and Shipper

My Packaging Assistant ~ This is my granddaughter.  She is a wonderful packaging assistant.  She wraps a customer's item beautifully.  We wish she could be here to assist every day.

My granddaughter - packaging assistant



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