Wire Guardian and Split Ring

  I use wire guardians in three places on Plum Beadacious' beaded id badge lanyards.
1. In the front where the lanyard clasp attaches to the beaded strand.  
2. At each side in the back of the lanyard where the magnetic clasp attaches to the beaded strand.

Wire guardians are wonderful little findings that encase the wire used on the lanyard.  When used at the points of stress, back of neck and front where the lanyard clasp is located, they protect the wire from wear and tear.  Quality lanyards will have these incorporated into their designs.

You will also see a split ring in this photo.  These are used in the same locations as the wire guardians.  I use these because:
1.  They will not come open as easily as a jump ring.  Split rings are like a key ring.  Once you slide something onto it, it will stay put on the ring. These are 8 mm split rings, much finer than a key ring, and used as a jewelry finding.
2.  They are easier for me to use.  When a customer requests a different clasp at the back of the neck or a different lanyard clasp to hold the badge I can quickly change it out.  There is no stress on the actual strand of bead to do this, and I can do it in less than five minutes.  That way your order is sent to you right away.